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General suggestions

Send the ad to the first positions for free and thus avoid posting a new repeated ad, make VIP your ad so you can always stay in the top, validate your photos or do a link exchange by puting our banner in your website can attract more visitors/clients. Keep in mind the following suggestions:

  1. Renew your ad every 6 hours
  2. Make VIP your ad
  3. Validate your photos
  4. Activate your website link

Free Ads

Create an account and posts ads is totally free. If you don't have an account, no problem! When you post your first ad, we create an account for you and we send you the authentication information by email. In your Control Panel you can see the "Renew" button. By clicking this button you will send you ad to the firsts positions. You can do it for free every 6 hours. Using our totally free Photo Verification service, you can build trust in your visitors and have much more clients as well so validate your photos by clicking on "Validate". If you want to get +80% more visitors to your profile, we suggest you to make VIP your ad.


Make VIP your Ad and start to get thousands of additional visits to your profile! You can buy the VIP when you post a new ad, when you edit your ad or anytime by clicking on "Make VIP" from the Control Panel or ad's page. Stay always on top of:

  1. Homepage
  2. Category
  3. Your city
  4. Near your city within a radius of 100km (62mi)
  5. Any search

Link Exchange

Choose a banner from below and put it in your website. When you post a new ad or when you edit your ad, complete the fields "Website" and "Backlink". You can also do it anytime from the Control Panel by clicking on "Website" button. Note: We check the backlink every week. If we can't find our link we will disable your link here.

Custom advertising

Need national or worldwide traffic for your advertising campaigns? For anchor text in the header or custom banners in the body, get in touch with us at info@atlasescorts.com


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